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It is important when seeing a Psychologist that you feel comfortable and relaxed and are able to talk through your concerns freely as this will enable you to receive the best possible treatment. For those people who have English as a second language, seeing a Psychologist who can speak your native language can help with allowing you to express your feelings clearly. The Psychologist is also more likely to be aware of, and understanding about issues that are specific to your own culture.


Our multilingual Psychologist, Chloe Kim, conducts fluent therapy with adults in English and Korean, and has worked with clients from a variety of different cultural backgrounds. To read details about Chloe’s background and experience please click here.


If you would like to find out more about our psychological treatment or to book an appointment with Chloe, please email or call the clinic on 02 9438 2511.


Video & Phone Consultations Available

To ensure everyone is getting the support and treatment you need MindBox is offering VIDEO and PHONE consultations with Medicare rebates.


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